Our Birthstone Necklace

Our Birthstone Necklace

We wear our birthstones as a way of celebrating the month we were born. Birthstones offer certain qualities such as healing and protection in which we hold close to our hearts when threaded onto necklaces. By placing these crystals on your body, a connection to the planet's healing energy is formed, leaving you more relaxed and composed. Each birthstone is a perfectly balanced form from the Earth's crust, all offering unique properties and powers to heal different aspects of your life. 



Garnet is a symbol of protection, faith, love and courage. It is thought to keep the wearer safe during travel and assist with energy levels.

The warm red garnet was highly prized in Ancient Egypt and Rome. Its blood red shade resembles ruby and offers a less expensive alternative. Garnet is thought to help with depression, encourage good dreams, and promote love. It is January's birthstone and marks the 2nd wedding anniversary.

Birthstone: January · Anniversary: 2, 19 · Zodiac: Leo · Our incredible January woman: Ash



Amethyst is a symbol of royalty, passion, daring, and dreaminess as well as protection and love. 

Amethyst's sumptuous shade has cast a spell that extends from ancient times to the present day. Originating from the greek term 'amethystos' meaning ‘not intoxicated’, this gem stone offers the perfect balance of purity alongside stability, peace and courage. The Amethyst is believed to protect from negative thoughts as well as offering everlasting love and affection. 

Birthstone: February · Anniversary: 6 · Zodiac: Sagittarius · Our incredible February woman: Belinda


Aquamarine is said to encourage understanding between people, give its wearer courage and inspire creativity. Symbolising calmness and spirituality, March’s birthstone simply promotes mental clarity amongst its wearer.

It draws its strength from the popularity of its pale blue hue, similar to that of a glistening ocean or a clear sky on a summer's day. The name “aquamarine” comes from the Latin term for “ocean” and “water”, referring to its blue colour. Legend has it, sailors also wore aquamarine amulets to ward off the treacherous calls of mythical sea sirens as a means of protection and courage. The Aquamarine birthstone is also thought to be good for the heart, liver, and stomach promoting health and rejuvenation properties as well. 

Birthstone: March · Anniversary: 16, 18, 19 · Zodiac: Scorpio · Our incredible March woman: Ally May



Diamonds symbolise endurance, courage and resilience. April’s birthstone also offers clarity amongst uncertainty, purity and strength. They can also be considered a symbol of everlasting love and solidarity as well. 

Sparkling with an internal fire of its own, diamond is one of the worlds most sought-after and adored birthstones. Originating from the greek term “adámas”, meaning proper, untamed, invincible, unalterable, or unbreakable, its name is a true reflection of its unyielding endurance and quality. 

Birthstone: April · Anniversary: 60, 75 · Zodiac: Aries


Showcasing its rich vibrant green hue, the Emerald symbolises vitality, honesty, and fidelity. As the gem of Venus, it is also considered to aid in fertility.

The name emerald finds its root in a Sanskrit word, “marakata”, meaning the green of growing things. As we celebrate its beauty amongst the height of spring, it is understood that green symbolises love and rebirth. Queen Cleopatra, Egypt's sensual female monarch, was famous for wearing Emeralds as means of celebrating her eternal youth. 

Birthstone: May · Anniversary: 20, 35, 55 · Zodiac: Taurus · Our incredible May woman: Venus


Pearls are a symbol of purity. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one's karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolise the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.

Persian mythology referred to pearls as the “tears of the gods,” while ancient Chinese legend claimed the moon held the power to create pearls, instilling them with its celestial glow and mystery. They are also thought to be the hardened tears of joy from the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. These birthstones have remained a timeless and classic element of jewellery throughout history. 

Birthstone: June · Anniversary: 30 · Zodiac: Gemini ·  Our incredible June woman: Lauren


The Ruby represents love, passion, courage and emotion. Its mesmerising hue captivates the hearts of its onlookers offering good fortune to those who come across its beauty. It is also thought to bring good luck and good friends and protect its wearer from evil.

Rubies have been the prized possession of emperors and kings throughout the ages, and to this day remain the most valued gemstone. It’s radiant warming hue being its being the most important of its features. Rubies are available in a range of hues from purplish and bluish red to orange-red and can be extraordinarily rare. 

Birthstone: July · Anniversary: 15, 40 · Zodiac: Cancer · Our incredible July woman: Annie


The Peridot symbolises strength and peace amongst its wearer. It has also been highly praised for its protective powers driving away negative energy such as nightmares. It's believed to carry the gift of inner radiance, sharpening the mind and opening it to new levels of awareness and growth. The peridot also helps one to recognise and realise their destiny and spiritual purpose upon the earth. 

It’s radiant  lush hue embodies Peridot's true splendour and healing powers. August’s birthstone can restore a broken heart, bring good fortune, induce a peaceful night's sleep. 

Birthstone: August · Anniversary: 1,16 · Zodiac: Libra · Our incredible August woman: Nikki


Since ancient times, the Sapphire has represented a promise of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. They can also be considered a symbol of wisdom, faith, and serenity. Alongside the Aquamarine and Amethyst, the Sapphire also shares protective powers over its wearer against evil actions or thoughts. 

Sapphires with a highly saturated violet-blue colour and a velvety or sleepy transparency are more rare. Sapphires are not only blue. They also come in pink, yellow, orange, peach and violet colours.

Birthstone: September · Anniversary: 5,10, 45 · Zodiac: Aquarius · Our incredible September woman: Molly



The Opal has always been associated with love and passion, as well as desire and seduction. Its sheer beauty intensifies emotional states and releases passionate inhibitions. 

The name opal is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit 'upala', meaning “precious stone,” and later the Greek derivative “Opallios,” meaning “to see a change of colour.”October’s birthstone, opal is a magical, almost otherworldly gem. Once thought to include the colours of all precious stones, opals possess uncanny powers for a variety of cultures. Dangled as a hypnotic talisman or powdered into a compound to instil invisibility, opals, in one way or another, were and are bewitching and mysterious.

Birthstone: October · Anniversary: 14 · Zodiac: Cancer · Our incredible October woman: Rosalie



The ancient Egyptians and Romans associated this golden gem, Topaz, with the sun god, Surya, giving it the power to protect, heal and dispel enchantment. 

The Topaz offers an extensive range of appearances as it offers multiple glistening variations, gleaming in yellows, oranges, reds, pinks and sometimes no colour at all. The Topaz’s, radiating colourful array will leave you enchanted under its spell. 

Birthstone: November · Anniversary: 4,19 · Zodiac: Scorpio



The December birthstone, Turquoise, is regarded as a love charm. It is also a symbol of good fortune and success, and it is believed to relax the mind and to protect its wearer from harm. When graced upon the delicate fingers of its owners, Turquoise rings are thought to keep away evil spirits. This soothing gemstone will balance out one's emotions and lead to a means of victory and success. 

Turquoise is an opaque, light- to dark-blue or blue-green gem with its finest colour being an intense blue. 

Birthstone: December · Anniversary: 11 · Zodiac: Sagittarius · Our incredible December woman: Linh


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