Bridal Jewellery Edit: 10 Pieces to Complete Your Wedding Day

Bridal Jewellery Edit: 10 Pieces to Complete Your Wedding Day

So much goes into planning a wedding, it can be hard to keep track of it all. 

But amongst the bigger-ticket items to plan — dress, venue, cake — we often overlook the smaller details. As they say, though, the devil is in the details. 

And while it’s okay to let some things slide, there’s one detail that we strongly believe shouldn’t be overlooked: Bridal Jewellery. 

Of course, the engagement ring is the first thing that pops to mind. But aside from that, what other jewellery will play a role on your big day? Whether for yourself or your bridal party, it’s important to consider the jewellery pieces that will bring the entire aesthetic to life. 

Sara —Co-founder of Kate & Kole on her wedding day.


For The Bride

The obvious first choice of bridal jewellery comes down to the rings. Odds are, you already have your engagement ring and wedding band chosen — but what else will you wear? 

Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can all add to your overall wedding look. 

We love the idea that beyond the diamond ring, other pieces of jewellery can contribute to your wedding day, and thus be imbued with the same sentimental importance. Diamond earrings and necklaces are the perfect complements to a diamond ring. Customised bracelets and pendants can represent your commitment to one another as a couple. Smaller, daintier rings can even be worn on your other hand to tie the entire look together. 

Of course, the look is up to you and your style, but we do have a few favourite pieces that always suit brides well, and work perfectly as part of a wedding day ensemble: 

  • Diamond Studs: No earrings are more classic for a wedding day than diamond studs. Not only will they match well with your engagement ring, but they also add a touch of sparkle around your face. For a classic look, choose a round or oval cut. If you want something a little different, a pear shape or rectangle cut may be what you’re after. 

  • Sentimental Bracelet: If you want to wear a bracelet on your wedding day, we love the idea of choosing one with some meaning behind it. Wear your heart on your sleeve by wearing your partner’s initials on your bracelet. For something a little bit more subtle, you could opt instead for a birthstone bracelet in honour of the month your love was born. Or choose a birthstone bracelet that signifies the wedding date, as a timeless reminder for years to come. 

  • Pear Jacket Earrings: Looking to add a little extra sparkle? Jacket earrings are the perfect way to accomplish a more dramatic, but still cohesive look with your wedding earrings. Hanging just under your earlobe, they’re the perfect mix between classic and modern. 

  • Diamond Necklace: Simple, elegant, and classy. There’s no better necklace to pair with your diamond engagement ring than a classic diamond pendant.

  • Gold Huggies: If you prefer hoops over studs, another earring that we love as part of a bridal look is a classic gold huggie. Stylish while still delicate, you can’t go wrong with a pair of little gold hoops. 

  • Coordinated Rings: Some brides like the idea of additional rings worn on their right hand to complement the engagement ring on the left. Our preference is something that won’t compete with the diamond engagement ring but still match your outfit. A bold band, pearl ring, or narrow signet ring are all great options to consider. 

For the Bridesmaids

The bride isn’t the only one who needs jewellery on the day of the wedding, and there’s nothing we love more than a special set of coordinated pieces for the bridesmaids. 

Having specific pieces for your bridesmaids serves a dual purpose in creating a cohesive look for the wedding ceremony and giving them something special to remember the day by. 

Our favourite jewellery for bridesmaids include: 

  • Pearl Earrings: Pearl earrings are the perfect choice for bridesmaids. Classy and classic, they always look great on coordinated groups without being too flashy. Small or large studs are great for a more traditional wedding, while hoops lend a more contemporary feel. 

  • Tiny Letters: Tiny letters are both delicate and personal. They suit a group well, looking both coordinated, but also allowing for individuality amongst the different members of the bridal party. 

  • Tiny Birthstones: Similarly, birthstone necklaces are a wonderful way to coordinate your bridesmaids, while still allowing a bit of variety. If you don’t like the idea of everyone having different coloured pieces, you could also choose a birthstone necklace that matches the colour scheme of your wedding instead.

  • Pearl Necklace: A simple pearl necklace is a piece of jewellery that your bridesmaids are sure to treasure forever. Elegant enough to look special on your wedding day, but delicate enough for everyday wear, any bridesmaid would be happy to wear this.

Inspiration From One of Our Founders

If you’re looking for some real-life inspiration, here’s an inside look at what Sara, Kate & Kole co-founder wore on her wedding day last month.