Everything You Need to Know About Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Everything You Need to Know About Salt and Pepper Diamonds

You may have heard of salt and pepper diamonds before, but few people know much about what they are. Fewer still have incorporated these unique stones into engagement rings. Recently, though, we’ve seen an uptake in interest in these special diamonds. 

Keep reading to learn more about what salt and pepper diamonds are, how they differ from traditional diamonds and the key features of these one-of-a-kind gems.

What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

The term “salt and pepper diamond” refers to “a diamond with inclusions that appear black and white. Some will have more inclusions than others, and no two diamonds are alike—some will be dark and moody, others come light and bright with just a few tiny blemishes, while still others can look almost grey,” Brides.com explains.  

Just like classic diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are similarly rare and valuable. The key difference is in the look, so if you’re on the hunt for something a little less traditional, a salt and pepper diamond may just be a perfect choice. 

Do Salt and Pepper Diamonds Sparkle?

“While traditional diamonds are cut to enhance their brilliance,” Jewellery Shopping Guide explains, “salt and pepper diamonds are cut to bring out the unique inclusions and patterns in the stone.”

Therefore, the more inclusions in the stone, the less sparkly the diamond might appear. This isn’t to say that all salt and pepper diamonds are dull. It simply depends on the number of inclusions within the diamond, as well as the way that the diamond is cut. 

Whereas traditional diamonds are often cut into classic shapes, salt and pepper diamonds are sometimes cut into more elaborate shapes, to counteract the reduction of brilliance from the stone.

If you know you want a unique cut, this may be another good reason to consider swapping a classic diamond for a salt and pepper version instead. 

Do Salt and Pepper Diamonds Last?

Given that they are still diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are more durable than many other stones. 

Though they are slightly more delicate due to their inclusions, salt and pepper diamonds show less wear and tear than traditional ones. 

Similar to any other diamond ring, Brides.com suggests that you “still clean the ring monthly. This will help to remove buildup from the ring and the band.” 

“Also, remember to take the ring off when you shower or wash your hands. The water won't harm the ring, but over time it does contribute to the ring tarnishing and the luminosity diminishing.”

Being diamonds, they won’t scratch. To be very safe, though, you can set them in a bezel which provides more protection. Wedding Know How also suggests avoiding ultrasonic cleaners and abrasives on salt and pepper diamonds. 

How Much Does a 1 Carat Salt and Pepper Diamond Cost?

Cost is another reason to consider a salt and pepper engagement ring. 

Compared to traditional diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds can be much cheaper — depending on the style and cut you go for. 

As with any diamond, the price will depend on the rarity of the stone, cut, and size. Generally, though, “the price range could be anywhere from $150-$1,500 per carat.

Interested in a Salt and Pepper Engagement Ring?

If all of this has convinced you to consider a salt and pepper engagement ring, you may be wondering what the next steps are. 

While we don’t offer salt and pepper diamonds in our listed engagement ring collections, we’re always more than happy to work with customers to make their dreams a reality. Our bespoke services allow you to work with us to design a ring you love without blowing your budget. 

We’re no strangers to salt and pepper diamonds, and would be happy to have a complimentary consultation with you about what the bespoke engagement ring process involves. 

If you’d like to see an example, have a look at this custom engagement ring that we recently created. 

“A stunning salt and pepper diamond set in yellow gold with a simple fine gold band. We worked closely with Wade to choose the perfect diamond with beautiful character and a unique colour. A truly one of a kind ring.”