How to Choose an Engagement Ring

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Knowing how to choose an engagement ring style seems like it should be second nature, right?

You’ve spent years dreaming of your perfect wedding, the dress, the partner, the ring... but when reality sets in, everything can feel a lot more confusing. No matter how many times you’ve envisioned your “dream ring”, actually choosing one is a lot more difficult.

If you’re feeling lost, confused, or simply overwhelmed, never fear. You’re not alone. Because we understand just how stressful this can seem, we’ve compiled a step-by-step list to guide you to your dream ring.

Though you might thinkyou know what you want, walking through each one of these steps will ensure that you end up with a match that’s right for you. And not just for now, but forever. Here, we’ll break down these basic steps to choosing the perfect ring style:


  1. Figure Out How Much to Budget for an Engagement Ring
  2. Understand Engagement Ring Settings
  3. Consider the Different Engagement Ring Metals
  4. Explore the Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles
  5. Define Your Personal Style
  6. Consider the Pros and Cons
  7. Involve Your Partner: Choosing an Engagement Ring Together
  8. Figure Out Your Engagement Ring Size
  9. Get in Touch With a Professional
  10. Work Together to Make Your Dream a Reality


Step 1: Figure Out How Much to Budget for an Engagement Ring

Considering your budget is an extremely personal, but extremely important, step when choosing an engagement ring. Before you even begin “window shopping”, it’s important that both partners sit down and discuss their expectations.

Over the years, there have been many rule-of-thumb figures to go by, but these guidelines don’t fit every situation and lifestyle. While people used to say an engagement ring should cost three months’ salary, Q Reportbreaks down how these numbers don’t quite add up in 2020.

Though the average Australian makes $12,895 in salary over three months, the average cost of an engagement ring adds up to $6,000.

However, that’s just a benchmark, and it doesn’t mean that $6,000 is definitively what you shouldspend. We love working with you to create a beautiful ring that is within your budget, figuring out how to make your dream come true in a way that is sensible and feasible.

Step 2: Understand Engagement Ring Settings

The next step is to understand engagement ring settings. Knowing what setting you want will quickly help you narrow down the basics so that you can start considering details that will really make your ring special.

There are so many options to choose from, but here we’ll touch on some of the most popular settings of 2020. If you don’t see something you’re interested in here, Diamond Pro has a comprehensive list of many more to consider.

  • Solitaire Setting: This is probably what you think of when you envision a classic wedding ring. These rings feature one central stone with a plain band, making the diamond the main centrepiece. Our Clara Ringis one example.

  • Shoulder Stones: Shoulder stones are smaller stones, surrounding the central diamond on a ring. These can create the illusion that the entire band is made of small diamonds, adding extra sparkle to an otherwise classic shape.

  • Infinity Bands: Infinity band rings comprise of a row of identically cut diamonds. The seemingly endless band of stones is meant to symbolise everlasting love. Our ​Amare and ​Lace​ rings are examples of infinity bands.

  • Three Stone Settings: We have Megan Markle to thank her for the popularity of this style, even with a recent little update to the ring. As the name implies, this setting features three stones, usually with one large centrepiece flanked by two slightly smaller diamonds.

Step 3: Consider the Different Engagement Ring Metals

When choosing a ring metal, think about the jewellery you already wear. If you typically go for rose or yellow gold pieces, you’ll likely want your ring to match. If you usually prefer silver, white gold or platinum will blend well.

As far as gold quality is concerned, more karats mean higher purity. There is a huge range to choose from, but at Kate & Kole we offer 9K and 18K yellow, rose and white gold as well as platinum on request.

Step 4: Explore the Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Even if you know you want something that stands out from a crowd, exploring popular styles is a great place to start. According to Who What Wear, these are the trends you should keep an eye out for in 2020:

  • Oval Shaped Diamonds

  • Platinum Settings

  • Super-Skinny Bands

  • Hidden Halos

Step 5: Define Your Personal Style


Now that you know what everyone else is loving right now, it’s time to consider your own style. Think about factors that stretch beyond jewellery and speak to your overall taste. Here a few questions you can ask yourself to make sure you’re on the right path:

    • Do I prefer subdued styles or flashy?

    • Would I consider myself to be “traditional”?

    • Have I always followed trends, or do I tend to do my own thing?

    • How often does my taste change?

    • What clothes do I rely on the most? What do they say about my style?

    • Do I favour form or function? 

    Step 6: Consider the Pros and Cons of Different Options

    Once you start narrowing down your list, it’s time to think details. Before you tie yourself to one style, consider the pros and cons of each. Now is a great time to make a trusty pro/con list.

    Consider everything from cost, to style, to uniqueness. While a contemporary style might be different from what all your friends have, a classic style might be more timeless. One ring might look better with a wedding band you’ve already fallen in love with. Another style might complement your partner’s ring better.

    Consider these sorts of factors for each option you’re considering before committing to one.

    Step 7:Involve Your Partner: Choosing an Engagement Ring Together

    If you haven’t yet, now is a great time to involve your partner in the process. After all, this ring symbolises your union, so having your partner weigh-in can cement that feeling.

    Your partner might provide some good perspective and help you choose something that speaks not only to you but also the essence of your relationship.

    Keep in mind that once you're married, you’ll also likely be combining assets. This can help you better gauge things like budget and long-term costs of your ring. Perhaps you’re craving tons of diamonds now, but your financial situation isn’t quite there.

    Chatting with your partner about these things can help you come with a plan that works. Perhaps you get a solitaire ring now, and promise to add complimentary stones on a landmark anniversary, for example.

    Step 8: Figure Out Your Engagement Ring Size

    This is a tricky one, especially if you’re planning a surprise. One piece of advice we always tell our customers is to measure a ring that is currently worn by the proposee. We need to know the ring diameter and the hand and finger it is worn on. Using this information, we can usually work out a fairly accurate ring size.

    Another option is to let us know where your partner has petite, medium or large hands and we can choose a size we think will best fit from that.

    If you’re not trying to keep the ring a surprise, however, you are usually able to get sized at a local jeweller. We can also send you a ring sizing kit; simply send us an email requesting one.

    If you do get your ring and it is too big or too small we offer a complimentary ring sizing service with all engagement ring orders.

    Step 9: Get in Touch With a Professional

    Before you take the plunge and put in a purchase, get in touch with a professional to chat it out. Talking to someone with experience and expertise will ensure you’re on the right path. Whether you’re just starting to figure things out are dreaming of a custom ring, talking someone who knows what’s what can be a huge help.

    It also takes some of the pressure off you, so talk about a win/win. If you’d like to get in touch about a Kate & Kole engagement ring, fill out our contact form here.

    Step 10: Work Together to Make Your Dream a Reality

    Buying an engagement ring is a huge investment. Both in terms of cost and sentiment, this is one of the most special purchases you’ll ever make.

    No matter where you go to buy your engagement ring, you want to keep communication open throughout the entire process. Working with a designer who you can engage with and ask questions as you go can be extremely helpful.
    After all, there’s no one better to turn to about choosing a ring than the professionals themselves. Make sure you choose to buy a ring from someone you trust and you know will go out of their way to satisfy your requests.