How to put in endless hoop earrings

How to put in endless hoop earrings

Using both hands, pull the earring gently apart, removing the gold wire from the gold tube. Let the two ends overlap and sit side by side. Imagine you are making a coil, rather than stretching the earrings open. Our endless hoops are designed to be flexible, so don't worry about breaking them. Holding the wire end, flick the tube end to the side, and feed the wire end through your piercing. Gently move the tube end, to fit the wire end back in, securing your earring in place. 

Endless Hoop Earrings White Gold

Putting in an endless hoop earring can be a little daunting. Compared with hinged earrings (which unfortunately tend to break) they look quite different and it isn't immediately obvious how to put them in. If you have any questions about putting your hoops on, feel free to contact us.

A note from Sara, owner and designer at Kate & Kole.

"Our endless hoop earrings are the perfect pair of everyday earrings. I wear two sizes every day (I even sleep in them) our 10mm earring in one ear and our 15mm earrings in both ears. My current favourites!"