Should I choose a low or raised setting for the Via engagement ring?

Should I choose a low or raised setting for the Via engagement ring?

Via — our beloved oval solitaire, is known for its bold bezel set design that exudes simple elegance.

We offer this signature engagement ring in two different settings styles, either low set, or elevated off the finger, to accommodate your personal preference and lifestyle.

The setting height of Via is an important factor to consider when designing this piece — as it will affect not only the ring’s physical appearance, but also its versatility for pairing with a wedding band in future.

Low setting

Opting for a low set Via is perfect for those who value comfort, practicality and ease of wear.

The diamond’s bezel setting will be embedded into the centre of the band, with the stone set as low as possible to the surface of the finger. This low-maintenance ring style is often preferred by those with a hands-on occupation, as it can reduce the chance of accidental knocks or catching on clothing.

It’s important to note that a low set engagement ring can influence your wedding band options quite significantly when the time comes. In order for both bands to sit flush together, we’d recommend selecting a curved or pointed wedder that frames the shape of the bezel.

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Raised setting

Elevating the setting of Via is perfect for those who adore a statement style, with flexibility for future ring pairings.

The bezel placement will be raised slightly to sit on top of the band, creating an eye-catching appearance that beautifully showcases larger diamond carat sizes. 

A raised setting can mean the ring is more vulnerable to accidental knocks — however, being set in a bezel, the diamond is fully encased in a fine layer of gold which offers maximum protection for the stone.

Opting for a higher setting also offers a wider scope for selecting a wedding band, as a straight profile ring will then sit flush alongside Via. 

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Our Via oval solitaire is the perfect engagement ring choice for those who lead an active lifestyle, without having to sacrifice on style or elegance. 

If you have any questions about this special piece, please contact our Bespoke Team via phone, email or live web-chat.