Jenna & Todd's Engagement

Jenna & Todd's Engagement

Jenna & Tood instantly knew that Kate & Kole was the kind of ‘unique’ they'd been looking for. Not only was it in Newcastle, the place that the couple both adored but they fell in love with the studio, the elegance of Kate & Kole pieces and the ability to have a bespoke ring made especially for them.

Our bespoke team caught up with the couple to find out why they chose to work with us to create Lauren's forever ring. 

Read the entire conversation below. 

What was it about Kate & Kole that made you want to work with us for your forever piece? 

Jenna and I live in Adelaide, but Jenna had lived in Newcastle for a year before we met and it was our first interstate holiday destination together. The place itself therefore held special memories for the both of us. We briefly had a look at different ring styles and jewellers but nothing stood out until we stumbled upon Kate & Kole’s website. We knew instantly that Kate & Kole was the kind of ‘unique’ that we had been looking for. Not only was it in Newcastle, the place that we adored, but we fell in love with the studio, the elegance of their pieces and the ability to have a bespoke ring made especially for us. 

Was your engagement ring a surprise, or were you both involved in the design process? 

We had many chats about different styles and designs that we liked but we both wanted to keep the final piece a surprise until the proposal. We narrowed it down to our two favourite shapes, oval and emerald, however the remainder was kept a surprise for the big moment! I was initially apprehensive about having a ring designed interstate, but after my phone consultation with Kate & Kole I felt very reassured and excited to see the final product. Kate & Kole went above and beyond and were always very accommodating via email which made the whole design process very enjoyable.

Had you seen your dream Kate & Kole ring online before your appointment? 

Jenna fell in love with the Eva and Clara designs, however ideally wanted a two-toned piece. The staff at Kate & Kole left no stone unturned. They were friendly, professional, accommodating and kept me in the loop throughout the entire design process, always answering any questions and giving advice when I was unsure. I discussed what I hoped for in a ring during a phone consultation and within no time our bespoke piece was designed and on my doorstep. 

Do you have any advice for couples that are beginning their engagement ring journey? 

While it is such an exciting and special time, the world of engagement rings and diamonds can be truly daunting. There is much more than initially meets the eye, so finding a jeweller who is able to help and guide you ensures a stress-free and exciting journey rather than an overwhelming one.

Tell us a little bit about your proposal.

With Newcastle holding a special place in our hearts, especially Jenna’s, I knew that this would be the perfect location for a holiday proposal. As a decoy to eliminate any suspicions that Jenna may have had, I told her that I had arranged an appointment with Kate & Kole to try on some engagement rings! Little did she know, I had a surprise picnic proposal organised in a private location near the Hickson Street Lookout. The day was nothing short of magical and all we could have ever hoped for as we start the next chapter of our lives as fiancés.


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