The Best Bridesmaids Jewellery To Pull the Look Together

The Best Bridesmaids Jewellery To Pull the Look Together

Whether you’re a bride-to-be looking for her bridal party or a bridesmaid looking to complete your outfit, hunting for bridesmaids’  jewellery can sometimes feel like quite the challenge. 

It goes without saying that all eyes are on the bride, but bridesmaids also pull their weight in contributing to a wedding’s overall aesthetic. With that said, choosing the perfect bridesmaid jewellery can feel like walking a fine line.

Bridesmaids shouldn’t outshine the bride, but they should look equally as elegant. So where’s the balance? 

In this blog post, we’re calling out the best bridesmaids’ jewellery so that you can start with a curated list to make things a whole lot easier. 

Keep reading to discover the jewellery that we’re constantly recommending for bridesmaids. Best of all, these pieces are special enough that they’ll be worn even after the big day is over. 

Bridesmaids’ Jewellery That’s Sure to Wow

Pearl Earrings

Nothing says elegance quite like pearl earrings, which is why we think they make the perfect bridesmaids’ jewellery. Classic, classy, and timelessly chic, pearls never fail to add a romantic look to a wedding ensemble. 

Pearl Earrings ($190 - $265)

These pearl earrings look stunning with any bridesmaid dress. Solid gold (or silver)  hoops are made even more gorgeous with baroque pearls for an unfailing look that is sure to be remembered. 


Pearl Studs ($225 - $350)

Looking for something a little more simple? Look no further than these dainty pearl studs. These silver or solid gold earrings are complete with Keshi pearls ranging from 7 - 10 mm for a perfectly-sized organic stud. Natural and refined, these aren’t your grandma’s pearl earrings.  


Pearl Necklaces

To complement pearl earrings, nothing works better than a pearl necklace. Regardless of other jewellery, a pearl pendant completes a look in a way no other jewellery can. Bringing a classic feel to even the most contemporary of bridesmaid outfits, you simply can’t go wrong with a pearl around your neck. 


Tiny Pearl Necklace ($160 - $250)

If you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to jewellery, you’ll want to reach for this tiny pearl necklace. With a solid silver or 9ct gold filled chain, this cute little pearl pendant is the perfect eye-catcher, without overwhelming the entire look.  At 4mm, this small pearl is a small but mighty way to make a statement. 


Baroque Pearl Necklace ($169 - $325)

If you like something that makes more of a statement, this one’s for you. While our Baroque pearls vary in size, the pearl on this necklace ranges from 10-15mm, making it more than twice as big as the tiny pearl necklace. Not only does the bigger size create a stronger jewellery look, but the unique baroque pearl shape also evokes an organic feeling. 


Diamond Studs

While we’re personally huge fans of pearls, we totally understand that the look may not suit every wedding look. For those times when pearls don’t feel quite right, we suggest opting for classic diamonds for an equally elegant feel. Diamond studs should be a staple in every jewellery collection, so selecting them as bridesmaids’ jewellery is the perfect way to add a pair to your rotation. 

Round, Pear, Marquise, Oval and Radiant Studs ($180 - $2,590)

Nothing beats diamond stud earrings, and there’s a shape to suit every style. Choose a classic shape like round studs for a traditional look, or a more adventurous shape like radiant cut for something more contemporary. You can also choose between metal options and cubic zirconia or lab grown diamonds to find a pair that matches your outfit and your budget. 


Therefore Stud ($200 - $770)

Love the look of diamonds, but want something a little different than your typical studs? These just might be what you’re searching for. In addition to looking stunning, these earrings carry special meaning. The three dots represent strength, purpose, and the courage to move forward, making for earrings that also serve as a personal reminder of these qualities.  

Diamond Studs With Jacket

While diamond studs make for fabulous bridesmaid jewellery on their own, adding a jacket can give an extra dazzle to the entire look. By mixing and matching stud and jacket shapes, it’s easy to create a look that is at once classic and unique. 


Marquise Studs with Jacket ($340 - $1,190)

This unexpected duo makes for a head-turning combination when paired together. The small marquise cut stud is perfectly balanced by a larger pear cut jacket, making for a modern look. The jacket is complete with yellow gold plating to really round out the details. 


Round Studs with Pear Jacket ($340 - $1,190)

Another option for diamond studs with jackets is this round and pear cut pairing. A little more traditional than the marquise version, these earrings are also great for everyday wear, making them a fabulous option for anyone who hopes to re-wear their bridesmaid jewellery for years to come. You can wear the round cut diamond earrings on their own day-to-day, pairing them with the jacket for special occasions.