The top five decisions you’ll need to make when choosing an engagement

The top five decisions you’ll need to make when choosing an engagement ring

Nobody said that choosing an engagement ring was easy, but once you start looking for "the one," it can be overwhelming to realise exactly how much goes into the decision. 

How do you want the ring to look? What colour do you want it to be? How much should it cost? How quick a turnaround do you need? All of these questions come into play when it comes to picking the perfect ring — but not to worry! It doesn’t have to be a painful process. 

By knowing exactly what to look for from the get-go, you can save yourself time and energy, ending up with the perfect ring, sans the drama. But what exactly should you look for? 

Thankfully, it’s pretty simple when you break it down. Instead of thinking about every single little detail, focus on these five key decisions to help guide your search. We have a feeling you’ll be on the road to the ring of your dreams in no time. 

The top five decisions... 

1. Design and Shape

When it comes to the look of your ring, you’ll first want to consider its shape and design. As this factor pertains to the diamond, it will greatly influence the overall look and feel of the final jewellery piece. 

Here, we are referring to the orientation of the diamond in relation to the rest of the ring as design and the shape of the main, central diamond as shape

First, consider the design. A traditional design might look like one central ring on a metal band, while a more contemporary design might involve multiple stones arranged in an organic-looking way. Evaluating whether you want a halo — a circle of smaller diamonds around the central diamond — should also come into play at this stage. We recommend trawling Pinterest to figure out which designs speak to you most, and which elements you want to include in your own ring.

Unlike design, the shape is much more standardised. While there are certainly options, most diamonds on engagement rings will be one of a few specific shapes including: 

2. Setting

Once you have a general idea of the design of the overall ring and the shape of the focal stone, it is time to consider the setting. While shape undeniably plays a huge role in a ring’s overall look, the setting is equally important in creating a cohesive design. 


Where shape considers the stone itself, the setting will determine how that stone is attached to the rest of the ring. This is arguably one of the biggest factors in determining how classic or modern a ring looks, as setting styles vary greatly and can help create a certain vibe, regardless of the stone shape. 


For example, you might choose a bezel setting for a contemporary look or a talon claw setting for something more classic. Depending on the size of your stone, you might choose between four or six talons to hold the stone in place.   

3. Colour 

When it comes to colour, there are two things to consider: metal and diamond. 

Metal colour will determine the colour of your band and bezel, which typically falls within the range of silver and gold hues. 

Popular options include

  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • Platinum 


We have a great blog post on everything you need to know about the different jewellery metals which you can read here. 


Aside from band colour, you will also want to consider diamond colour at this stage. Even when choosing a white diamond, colour comes into play, as it’s one of the factors that contribute to the stone's overall value. The more colourless a diamond is, the more valuable — and therefore, the higher the price tag.   

4. Budget

Speaking of price tag, budget is another factor to decide upon before selecting a ring.

Engagement rings can vary greatly in cost, and setting a budget can help ensure that you find a ring that is right for your style and financial capacity. 

Below is a general price guide for our pieces:

Pricing for a 0.75ct solitaire ring starts from $5,000

Pricing for a 1ct solitaire ring starts from $5,500

Pricing for a 1.25ct solitaire ring starts from $6,000

Pricing for a 1.5ct solitaire ring starts from $7,000

Pricing can vary depending on the cut of your stone. Adding shoulder stones or a second stone will increase these starting prices.

The important thing to note here is that no matter your style preferences, there are measures that can be taken to craft a ring within your budget. Whether that means switching up metals, stones, or sizes, there are usually ways to work within a ballpark to ensure that you end up with something you can cherish forever. 

We would recommend having a play on our online ring builder to build your desired piece and discover how size, colour and clarity can affect the price of your piece. 

5. Timeframe

Last, but certainly not least is the timeframe. 

If you’ve got grand engagement plans in the works, making sure that you set aside proper time for the ring to actually get to you is of the utmost importance.  

As a brand, we pride ourselves on working with quality materials, Australian suppliers and making our pieces to order. This means that we do not hold stock of pieces and your piece will be made to order, completely bespoke to you. 

The turnaround time on our engagement rings is currently approximately 8 weeks.

Timing is something especially important to consider in the case of custom engagement rings, which require more back-and-forth and extra time to fabricate something that is 100% unique. 

If you know that a custom ring is a priority for you, ensure that you maintain enough flexibility in your proposal plan to allow time for the ring to be made. If having a custom ring isn’t high on your list of must-haves, it’s nevertheless worth checking the turnaround times on your desired ring to give you a general idea of when you can expect your jewellery piece to be ready. 

Custom designs are now closed for the year — We still have a full offering of Kate & Kole core signature wedding & engagement rings on offer for the rest of the year which can be explored via our website.

Our Ring Builder is also the perfect place to build your dream piece outside of our signature styles, with pieces from our ring builder on offer for the rest of the year also. Discover our online ring builder here.

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