What's the difference between a solid and gold filled chain?

A gold filled chain is a silver chain with a thick, exterior layer of gold which is bonded to the silver. A solid gold chain, is made entirely of gold. A solid gold chain is more valuable that a gold filled chain because the weight of gold is higher. 

Our solid gold chains start at a weight of 1.4grams for a 40cm fine chain.

A more accurate description is a silver filled chain. The way that these chains are manufactured is that a tube of gold is filled with silver and this tube is then used to make the chain. Our gold filled chains have a minimum thickness on 1.5mm (compared to our 1.3mm solid gold chain) because they have to be a minimum thickness to allow both metals to be present. 

All of our chains are able to be purchased separately and all of our necklaces come with a chain that matches the metal type.

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