Letter Necklaces

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Letter Necklaces

Timeless and simple, a letter necklace is a beautiful and easy way to remind yourself of a loved one, or a special someone or something in life. We've designed and curated a beautiful collection of initial necklaces for every letter of the alphabet, from A to Z.

Whether you’re looking to gift a best friend, your mother, grandmother, sister, aunty, or just shopping for a necklace that feels personal to you, everyone can wear an initial necklace with love.

Create your own story and meaning. Perhaps you’re wearing the initial of your partner or best friend, have gifted your mother her initial for Mother’s day, or simply want to wear an initial necklace to remind you daily of your beloved pet, an initial necklace is completely personal.

Looking for a ring, necklace to layer, or bracelet to complement your initial necklace? We have a range of beautiful pieces to add to your jewellery collection.