Appointment Terms & Conditions

Appointment Terms & Conditions

Thank you for booking an appointment with Kate & Kole, we look forward to welcoming you into our studio space or meeting you virtually/over the phone.

As our appointment times are limited, we appreciate you taking the time to read the following information regarding our pieces prior to your appointment.

Cancellations & Late Arrivals

As a small consult team of two with limited appointment windows, we understand things change however we would appreciate any cancellations being made 24 hours prior to your appointment as we have a waitlist. Any cancellations made less than 24hours prior may affect your ability to book a new appointment.

We are so grateful for those that travel for their appointment, however if you are running late for your appointment please be mindful your appointment window will be shortened as we are booked back to back especially on Saturdays.


Please take some time prior to your appointment to discover our online pieces and pricing associated.

For engagement rings, please keep the below pricing in mind.

Pricing for a 0.75ct solitaire ring starts from $5,000
Pricing for a 1ct solitaire ring starts from $5,500
Pricing for a 1.25ct solitaire ring starts from $6,000
Pricing for a 1.5ct solitaire ring starts from $7,000

Pricing can vary depending on the cut of your stone. Adding shoulder stones or a second stone will increase these starting prices.

We would recommend having a play on our online ring builder prior to your appointment to build your desired piece and discover how size, colour and clarity can affect the price of your piece.


As a brand, we pride ourselves on working with quality materials, Australian suppliers and making our pieces to order. This means that we do not hold stock of pieces and your piece will be made to order, completely bespoke to you.

The turnaround time on our engagement rings is currently approximately 8 weeks.

The turnaround time on our wedding rings is 4 weeks for mens bands and 6-8 weeks for womens bands, especially those with diamond settings.

If you require your piece sooner than this we offer a priority service for an additional $300 for engagement rings and an additional $150 for wedding bands.

This service allows us to expedite your piece at every stage to complete your piece in a 4-6 week turnaround time. If you have a sooner time frame than our standard 8 weeks in mind our team will be able to advise if your piece qualifies for our priority service.

Custom Pieces

We have closed our custom designs and remodels for 2022, due to our capacity leading into Christmas.

During this time, we will still be offering all our online pieces including pieces from our Wedding Ring Suite and Engagement Ring suite however customisations to pieces will be limited. There will still be options to customise your piece within this realm with customisations such as;

  • Adding hidden gemstones
  • Adding a hidden halo
  • Customising your stone size
  • Adding shoulder stones
  • Adding a different material for your claws

All these customisations can also be explored in our Ring Builder.


At the moment we are currently exclusively working with Lab Grown Diamonds for our pieces. We do not currently work with moissanite, coloured gemstones, pre-purchased stones.


You are welcome to purchase your piece through the website or ring builder, this is the most affordable way to make your purchase and does require full payment upfront. Alternatively, we can invoice you for the piece which allows you to pay in instalments; a 50% deposit for us to begin production on your piece and then the final upon completion. This does incur a $180 invoicing fee and there is a 2% surcharge if you wish to pay the invoice via credit card.