Kate & Kole Rewards

The Kate & Kole Loyalty Program

Enjoy exclusive access to rewards & offers.

How it works

As a reward for spending over a certain amount in a single order, we add a little something to your store account to spend within the next 60 days on anything you like over $150.

Reward levels

  • When you spend up to $750 you receive $10;
  • an Order over $750 gets you $50;
  • spend over $1000, you'll receive $100;
  • when your purchase is over $5000, we'll add $150 to your account;
  • for an order over $10,000, you'll receive $200;
  • and with a purchase over $15,000 you'll receive $500 into your account.

How do I use my Store Credit?

With any purchase over $150, when you get to the checkout, simply copy and paste your credit code into the 'Gift Card or Discount Code' section. Your credit will be applied to your order.